Roel Schouwenberg


Roel Schouwenberg is Senior Anti-Virus Researcher in Kaspersky’s Americas, Global Research & Analysis Team. Roel joined Kaspersky Lab in 2004 as a Senior Technology Consultant for the BNL region. Since 2008, Roel has worked as a Senior Anti-Virus Researcher in North America where he is responsible for monitoring the regional malware situation and for the preliminary analysis of the threat situation. Roel specializes in the classic virus techniques used in today’s malware and works on the improvement of proactive detection capabilities. In addition, Roel also conducts research into the vulnerabilities of many different types of file formats. Roel is a regular presenter at industry conferences. He is also a founder member of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) and currently serves as part of AMTSO’s Board of Directors.