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>ICS >Radiflow, Cyolo Team Up to Secure OT Networks Against Unauthorized Devices

Radiflow, Cyolo Team Up to Secure OT Networks Against Unauthorized Devices

OT cybersecurity firm Radiflow has partnered with zero-trust access solutions firm Cyolo to help customers secure remote access and better detect anomalous behaviors across OT/ICS networks.

According to the tech firms, the partnership will allow organizations implement a seamless, single sign-on experience for remote and third-party vendors, while significantly enhancing network security.

Key highlights from the partnership include

  • Streamlined Vendor Access: The solution facilitates uncomplicated entry for pre-approved external vendors, while maintaining rigorous security protocols.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Users granted remote access will have their activities on the network observed and recorded, offering valuable insights into user behavior.
  • Proactive Threat Isolation: Any detected anomalous or malicious activities are rapidly quarantined, thus protecting the network without affecting ongoing operations.

“Implementing an Identity-based access control concept, which involves adding a monitored, consolidated, secured single point of entry, improves the reliability of remote access to critical network management, said Ilan Barda, Co-Founder & CEO of Radiflow. “It not only reduces the chance of production downtime, brand reputation harm, and compliance fines but also enhances overall security by adopting a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach.”

“Anomalous behavior can come in various ways, from a user gaining unauthorized access, to an authorized user forgetting to sign off, etc.,” said Jake Alosco, VP of Global Partnerships at Cyolo. “We continuously verify user connections, granting access solely to trusted entities such as authorized employees and third-party vendors.” This not only heightens security but also provides a dual advantage for organizations struggling to fill employment gaps. The joint solution empowers operators to focus their resources and rapidly block unauthorized or unrecognized sessions and sources of malicious traffic. It enables them to promptly contain malicious behavior and the malware itself, ensuring uninterrupted operations without being forced to take downtime.

In april 2022, Turkey-based industrial and financial conglomerate Sabanci Group signed an agreement to acquire a majority (51%) stake in Radiflow for $45 million. Sabanci plans on fully acquiring the company in 2025.

Both Radiflow and Cyolo will be exhibiting at SecurityWeek’s 2023 ICS Cybersecurity Conference October 24-26 in Atlanta.