SecurityWeek’s ICS Cyber Security Conference is the conference where ICS users, ICS vendors, system security providers and government representatives meet to discuss the latest cyber-incidents, analyze their causes and cooperate on solutions.


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>Uncategorized >CyberWar Threat: The Chilling Reality of Threats Facing America’s Critical Infrastructure (NOVA Video)

CyberWar Threat: The Chilling Reality of Threats Facing America’s Critical Infrastructure (NOVA Video)

Joe Weiss, founder of the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference, and several leading experts were featured this week in PBS’ NOVA. The full episode, CyberWar Threat, is embedded here.

SecurityWeek’s 2015 ICS Cyber Security Conference Takes Place October 26 – 29th at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta. Online registration is available.

Description from PBS:

NOVA examines the science and technology behind cyber warfare and asks if we are already in the midst of a deadly new arms race. Already, highly sophisticated, stealthy computer programs such as the notorious Stuxnet worm can take over and even destroy the control systems that regulate everything from food factories to gas pipelines, power plants, and chemical facilities—even our cars. While the destruction of Iranian centrifuges may have delayed Iran’s bomb program and forestalled an Israeli attack, the attack has opened a Pandora’s Box, and now America’s own critical infrastructure is vulnerable to retaliation and attack. With leading defense experts and investigative journalists who have probed the murky realm of criminal and strategic hacking, NOVA examines the chilling new reality of cyberwar in which no nation or individual is safe from attack.

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