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Drone Attacks on Industrial Sites: A New Front in Cyber-Physical Security

We are happy to announce what will be a fascinating talk at the 2016 ICS Cyber Security Conference, presented by Jeff Melrose, Principal Technology Strategist for Cybersecurity at Yokogawa US.


With new Drone technologies appearing in the consumer space daily, Industrial Site operators are being forced to rethink their most fundamental assumptions about Industrial Sites and Cyber-Physical security. This presentation will cover Electronic Threats, Electronic Defensive measures, Recent Electronic jamming incidents, Latest Drone Threats and capabilities, defensive planning, and Electronic Attack Threats with Drones as delivery platform.

This talk will present 2 drone attack scenarios with video [potentially live] demonstrations of drone attack capabilities on an industrial wireless flowmeter.  The first attack will illustrate simple disruption of the flowmeters signal potently causing the non-report of a product spill (Hacktivist purposes). The second demonstration would take this a step further demonstrating the ability for a $1000 drone to autonomously turn a directional disrupter via image targeting of plat personnel (Hacktivist/Malicious Attack purposes).

Attendee Takeaways:

  • A new appreciation for the terrifying capabilities now available in hobby drones.

  • A better understanding how drones can now be the bridge that Hacktivists use to make attacks that were only possible in close proximity before.

  • Realization that large scale EW attacks to Industrial system that used to be possible with military grade equipment are now possible with hobby components.

  • An understand of what a defensive security person must consider when risk evaluating the threats to industrial wireless systems.

  • Using WiFi surveillance to track possible Drone use, scan of MACs associated with drones

  • Physical Defense and what to tell your guards if they see a Drone jump the fence.

  • Overview of Law and FAA regulations concerning drone use in and around plant infrastructure.

  • Much More

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