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Jennifer Leggio Joins Claroty as Chief Marketing Officer

Industrial cybersecurity firm Claroty announced on Monday that Jennifer Leggio has taken the reins as Chief Marketing Officer at the New York-based company.

Leggio joins Claroty from threat intelligence firm Flashpoint where she served as Chief Marketing Officer. She previously held leadership positions at companies including Digital Shadows, Cisco, Sourcefire, and Fortinet.

Claroty’s ICS security platform continuously monitors operational technology (OT) networks in search of potential threats. The product enables organizations to control remote employee and third-party access to critical systems, and helps them create a detailed inventory of industrial network assets and identify configuration issues.

In her new role, Leggio is tasked with scaling the company’s customer acquisition, branding, and communications, as it continues to experience rapid revenue growth and strong demand for its operational technology (OT) security solutions around the world.

As an industry thought leader with deep roots in the security community, Leggio has criticized companies and researchers over marketing-led breaches of the coordinated vulnerability disclosure process.

In a 2018 talk at the Hack in the Box Conference in Amsterdam, Leggio proposed the introduction of an ethics or standards desk overseeing marketing decisions just as some newspapers have a standards desk overseeing the more contentious news stories.

She has called for “a shift in culture and a shift in mindset, making sure that business leaders understand that their sales teams, their marketing teams, their finance teams, their legal teams and so on, are all responsible for making sure that there is an ethical delivery in the message.”

Headquartered in New York and launched as a startup from the Team8 foundry, Claroty was founded in 2014 and emerged from stealth mode in 2016. The company has raised nearly $100 million in funding.

“I am incredibly proud and excited to be part of Claroty’s mission to protect the world’s critical infrastructures against increasingly frequent and complex cyberattacks, and bring that protection to even more organizations worldwide,” said Leggio.

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