The Need for ICS Security Operations Centers (Video)

February 8, 2018 0

[Presented at SecurityWeek’s 2017 Singapore ICS Cyber Security Conference]

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Session Description:

Presented by Joss Menting, Chief Technologist, Lab Manager Cybersecurity, ENGIE Lab LABORELEC

Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is gaining importance fast and cannot be covered by one single action. To accept is easy, to continue is difficult; It takes a lot of efforts for ICS assets to reach an acceptable level of security. However, it takes much more to maintain that level over a sustainable period of time; a pitfall that many organizations have failed, or decided to give up altogether.

One key factor is the lack of individuals with a hybrid IT & OT skillset and experience. To make up for this, it makes sense to congregate different talents in an ICS Cybersecurity Operations Center, or ICS SOC. This approach not only form a team with a collective IT & OT skillsets and experiences, it forges team members to look into ICS anomalies in unison; many in skills, one in mind.

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